Air Conditioner Repair in Pompano Beach, FL 33062

“TERRIBLE. This message is in regards to the technician you sent this morning. As I explained yesterday, the assumption was the pump. I bypassed the pump so the water could drain out and I was able to get some cooling. The tech you sent started off completely on the wrong foot. I addressed him twice with "Good Morning" of which he could not open his mouth to reply. Error #1 then I go out and he is texting away, ON MY DIME. He could clearly see that there is an issue, but apparently his reads indicate there is not. I told him that around 4PM in the afternoon, my thermostat reads 80-81, then he said, "ohh must be the pump", all the while looking that it's bypassed and he had every intention of leaving it that way. I made it quite clear to him that I was not paying for his WAG (wild ass guess), I had to get to the office and said my daughter would be back in 5 minutes. I then called the office and voiced my displeasure.”

– Evelyn B.