“TERRIBLE. This message is in regards to the technician you sent this morning. As I explained yesterday, the assumption was the pump. I bypassed the pump so the water could drain out and I was able to get some cooling. The tech you sent started off completely on the wrong foot. I addressed him twice with "Good Morning" of which he could not open his mouth to reply. Error #1 then I go out and he is texting away, ON MY DIME. He could clearly see that there is an issue, but apparently his reads indicate there is not. I told him that around 4PM in the afternoon, my thermostat reads 80-81, then he said, "ohh must be the pump", all the while looking that it's bypassed and he had every intention of leaving it that way. I made it quite clear to him that I was not paying for his WAG (wild ass guess), I had to get to the office and said my daughter would be back in 5 minutes. I then called the office and voiced my displeasure.”
- Evelyn B.

“Jerry was professional and courteous. He showed me what to do in the future to keep maintenance working 100%. He went the extra mile and I appreciated it!”

- George W.

“Very satisfied with Jerry's service. He was perfetional and knowledgeable in his feeled and answered all the guessed I had for him and did a great job on the install.”

- Jonathan M.

“Jerry was professional, thorough, and efficient. He made sure my AC unit was operational and made sure the problems were repaired. It’s not cheap but the service was excellent.”

- Gavin G.

“I would like to thank Barrington for his excellent service this morning. He was prompt. knowledgeable, kind, courteous, effective, intelligent, and very respectful. Can’t thank him enough. I have been in Florida for years and have used several contractors but your company rates the highest. Thank you.”

- Williams J.

“Had both my 26 year old units replaced today. Couldn’t be any happier. From phone communications, to sales, to both service Techs. I would rate them A+! Units are keeping house cooler than before and saving energy due to being able to set temp to 76° instead of on old units had to set to 73° to feel comfortable. Think of a positive adjective and it will apply to this Company. Thank you! Thank you! For the 25 plus years I have used them and recommend them, not once have I been disappointed. Ps. Last month they also completed a new install for my sons garage. They are super pleased as well.”

- Jim A.

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