Luxaire TW4 Air Conditioner

Luxaire TW4 Air Conditioner.

Reliable Performance in a Small Size

Luxaire® LX Series TW4 Single-stage Air Conditioners offer big features in a small footprint with microchannel coil technology and a compact cabinet. These units are optimized for 14 SEER cooling efficiency and high EER performance required in southwestern US climates. Designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, TW4 air conditioners offer energy savings and lasting performance for years to come.


  • Optimized for southwestern US climates
  • Improved alloy microchannel coil provides more performance in less space
  • Durable, steel-extruded louver coil guards provide protection against coil damage
  • Reliable operation proven in our extreme, 5-year accelerated-wear test facility
  • Compact footprint allows the unit to fit in smaller spaces