Signs Indicating Refrigerant Leaks in Heat Pump Systems

Like central air conditioning systems, heat pumps require adequate levels of refrigerant to ensure their consistent operation. Refrigerant is the “blood” of the HVAC unit, acting as a heat transfer fluid that changes from a gaseous state to a liquid and back again depending on the need for heating and cooling. However, the refrigerant can sometimes leak out of the equipment, which can lead to extensive damage if not addressed promptly.

Local AC installation contractor Above Air Inc. explains the signs that indicate your heat pump is low on refrigerant because of a potential leak.

Inability to Cool the Indoors

When in cooling mode, the function of the refrigerant is to absorb heat from your home and release it outside. Depleted refrigerant levels due to leaks makes it hard for the heat pump to provide conditioned air indoors. When you get up and check the thermostat, you may notice that the temperature reading doesn’t match the setting.

A Frozen Coil

Refrigerant leaks prevent the evaporator coil from absorbing heat. This causes condensation on the coil to freeze. At times, the accumulated ice may melt and drip on the floor. Getting rid of the ice won’t solve the issue, which is why you need to call a local AC repair contractor who can perform a thorough inspection of your heat pump and detect leaks in the refrigerant lines.

Weird Sounds Coming from the Heat Pump

Holes and cracks in the coils may be to blame for a refrigerant leak. You may also notice a hissing sound while the heat pump is in operation, though this can indicate a separate problem. If, however, you hear a gurgling sound from inside the heat pump, thi could mean there’s a larger leak. Call a certified HVAC technician as soon as possible to diagnose the problem.

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