Indoor Air Pollution 101: Common Causes & Solutions

Did you know indoor air can be twice as polluted as outdoor air? But no worries: dealing with this problem is fairly easy. You just need to determine the reason for the poor indoor air quality in your home and apply the most effective solution. Here Above Air Inc., a trusted AC repair and installation company, discusses some of the most common causes of indoor air pollution and how you can combat them.

Cigarette smoke, The residual gas and particles from cigarette smoke can settle in rooms with a lot of fabric and carpeting. This isn’t limited to standard cigarettes–it applies to electronic ones, as well. To avoid the health risks associated with constant exposure to their fumes and particles, make sure to keep your home smoke-free. Kick the habit, or at least make sure any smokers light up outside your home. 

Biological agents. Biological agents include pet dander, dust, bacteria, mildew and mold spores. Regular exposure to these biological agents can trigger allergic reactions, along with other health problems. Some easy ways to handle them are by regularly changing the air filter in your HVAC unit, having the ductwork cleaned every few years and investing in a high-quality indoor air purification system from Above Air Inc. Our exceptional air purifiers and UV lamps from Carrier® will help eliminate these harmful agents from the air you breathe.

Household cleaners. Most household cleaning supplies emit fumes that can cause irritation to the nose, throat, lungs and even skin. You can prevent them from contributing to indoor air pollution by using only natural cleaning supplies and elbow grease. After using them for your daily chores, make sure to open the windows to expel any lingering odors and fumes. 

In addition to professional AC installation, Above Air Inc. can also work on your indoor air quality needs. With our top-tier products, we’ll make sure your home remains a safe, healthy space for the whole family. We proudly serve Deerfield Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (954) 341-0816 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.