HVAC Maintenance Resolutions to Follow in 2021

With the new year comes an opportunity to follow through with your home resolutions. If your New Year’s resolution is to save money on energy consumption, you can start by setting goals for your HVAC system. Doing this will also help you achieve more comfort and well-being for your home. Our trusted residential and commercial AC team at Above Air Inc. shares some useful tips to get you started below:

HVAC Maintenance Resolutions to Follow in 2021

Enhance your IAQ.

 Did you know that the air you breathe indoors can contain the same particulates as the smog and pollution found outdoors in urban areas? Indoor air moves through the HVAC system up to several times a day, and if there are particles trapped in your ducts such as dirt and debris, you may end up experiencing allergic symptoms such as congestion, sore throats, headaches and eye irritation. If you often experienced these symptoms last year, then make it a priority this year to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

If you’ve already changed your air filter, there’s still room for enhancing your home’s overall indoor air quality. You can do this by hiring a trusted technician to install an air purifier that effectively removes contaminants so that you’ll have cleaner, more breathable air for you and your family.

Follow a regular maintenance schedule.

If you want your HVAC system to keep operating in top condition, you need to make sure that you have it tuned at least twice a year. Work with a trusted residential AC technician and schedule a spring and fall tune-up to help increase the efficiency of your HVAC system as well avoid performance problems and unexpected breakdowns.

Change your filters regularly.

Filters are crucial in preventing a number of particles such as dust, hair, pollen and fibers from entering the air that’s circulating in your HVAC system. Be sure to check them at least once a month, or even more if your indoor air has large amounts of pollutants. Check the air filter in your HVAC unit every month as well to keep your indoor air cleaner and your unit at peak performance.

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