HVAC Installation: What to Expect

When installing a new residential air conditioner, it’s always best to know what to expect from your contractor.

Pre-Installation Tasks

Depending on the type of air conditioning unit, your contractor will perform a thorough inspection of the area where you want it installed. If there are any considerations you think are important, this is the time for you to discuss them with your contractor.

Your contractor will also pull the necessary permits with the local government to make sure your new air conditioner follows local codes. Then you can discuss the schedule of the installation. Barring bad weather or other concerns, the installation should proceed smoothly.


The number of crew members will depend on the scope of the installation. Expect them to arrive on time and in full gear. They’ll bring your new AC plus all of the equipment and tools necessary for the job.

Protection for Your Home

When the crew arrives, they won’t be walking all over your house. They’ll be courteous throughout the project, applying protective tarps or drop cloths over your floosr and possibly even moving any furniture, wall decor or appliances that are in the way. 


It’s a good idea to be present throughout the entire installation, whether it’s a home or commercial AC. being installed. The contractor may have questions and might have to ask for permission for certain things, as well, so as the home or business owner it’s best to be on-site. You could also have some questions yourself, and this would be the time to ask your contractor about them.


Depending on the scope of the installation and the time it takes to complete it, the crew will take short breaks to ensure their workmanship quality and precision remains in top form.

Project Completion

When the installation is complete, expect your contractor to explain your new system to you. They’ll also explain how to maintain your unit so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Quality Control

A quality assurance technician will follow up with you regarding the installation and ask a few routine questions, such as whether you’ve experienced any problems with your new AC. If you hired a reputable contractor to install it, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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