How to Remain Cool During HVAC Emergencies

Your HVAC unit is an indispensable part of your home’s system, regulating indoor temperature and ensuring proper ventilation, indoor air quality and comfort. Without it, your home’s condition would deteriorate and it would become difficult and uncomfortable to live in. As such, both home and business owners go to great lengths to ensure that their units remain in good condition by following routine maintenance schedules and conducting AC repair projects as necessary.

HVAC emergency

There are unfortunate instances in which the unit could break down, even at the worst times such as during the summer season when cooling demand is at its highest. When the temperature rises, it’s important to keep your house cool, especially if there are seniors or young children at home. If your air conditioning unit stops functioning or ceases to blow out cold air, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

However, there are no quick fixes to this issue, and you’ll need to wait for your emergency residential AC experts to arrive to solve the air conditioning issue for you. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a DIY endeavor, as you need specialized training and equipment to sort it out. As such, the best thing you can do is to find ways to remain cool. Here your trusted AC contractor, Above Air Inc, shares numerous ways you can remain cool during an HVAC emergency.

Use ice cubes and an electric fan. You can use a little ingenuity to create a makeshift evaporative air conditioner. Use the ice cubes from your freezer and put them in a bowl. Place the bowl directly in front of your electric fan, and the fan will lose heat through evaporation. Afterward, it will blow a cool breeze that can cool down the places in your living space that need it the most.

Hang wet sheets over open windows. A simple cooling trick discovered in the Bronze age is hanging wet reeds (or sheets, in modern times) over your windows. HVAC repair experts recommend this method for producing a cool breeze within your home. This method is made even more effective when the breeze is cooled down due to the heat lost when the air passes through the wet sheets.

Lower your shades. Most people enjoy the appeal of natural light in their home. However, the sun’s UV rays passing through your window create a greenhouse effect in your living space.  Without an air conditioning unit to provide comfort, as the day progresses, the temperature in your home will continue to rise with no signs of stopping. 

One way to mitigate the heat is to lower the shades or draw your curtains. You might reduce the natural light entering your home, but you’ll also create a cooler living space. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your windows are shut when you do this. While windows allow light into your home, residential AC experts say that they do little to keep hot summer air out.

Turn ceiling fans counterclockwise. Ceiling fans are the unsung heroes of our homes. They can help you feel cool without the assistance of an air conditioning unit if you know which way the fans need to spin. Make sure that the ceiling fans are set to revolve counterclockwise so that they pull up hot air and circulate cool air down below. Letting the air circulate in your home can reduce the temperature significantly.

Towel off. HVAC repair experts also recommend the simple action of getting towels from your closet and running cold water over them. Put one around your neck while placing the other towels in the freezer. The veins in your neck will send signals to your brain that will enable you to feel a cool sensation course through your body. Once the towels start to warm up, you can switch them out with the ones you previously placed in the freezer.

Leave your windows open at night. There will be a significant decrease in the temperature once night falls, which will help your home cool down. You can open your windows in the evening to allow hot air trapped during the day to escape. This, in turn, allows cold air into your home, ensuring comfort. Just make sure that you close your windows again in the morning to prevent warm air from entering your home.

Stay hydrated. While this may seem obvious, many people forget to stay hydrated in the summer. Try to keep your body cool, just like the air around you, by drinking cold water regularly and keeping reserves available in case you need them. 

Take a shower or bath. Taking a lukewarm bath or shower will help reduce your body temperature. This also helps remove grime, oil and sweat from your body, all of which prevent you from staying cool. It also refreshes the body and can help your psyche as well.

Don’t use ovens or stoves. Using ovens and stoves will add unnecessary heat to your home. When you’re trying to preserve cool air, try to prepare easy meals like sandwiches that can be made fresh with cold-cuts and fruits instead. Prepare meals out on your deck on an outdoor grill or put together a cold salad or sweet dessert that will help you cool down on a hot day.

If it takes your emergency HVAC contractor a while to arrive, there are other simple ways to stay cool at home, such as taking naps in the afternoon, wearing loose-fitting clothes or using lights and appliances only when absolutely necessary. The less you move and the fewer appliances you use, the less heat you’ll create.

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