How to Maximize Your Air Purifier

The quality of the air you breathe indoors can be no better than the polluted, smog-filled air found in urban areas if indoor air quality isn’t managed properly. Air purifiers help reduce the risk of contaminants in your home’s interior as well as pet dander, dust, pollen and other allergens in the air. Of course, an air purifier is only effective when it’s installed and maintained properly by a residential and commercial AC technician.

To get the most out of your air purifier, Above Air Inc. shares some useful tips to help you out below:

Keep your windows and doors closed. When your home is empty, you can turn off the air purifier to conserve energy. Otherwise, if someone is present, be sure to keep the windows and doors closed when in use. While you may want to keep them open to promote air ventilation, your air purifier will work more efficiently in a closed space that doesn’t have fresh air circulating. Doing this will aid in effectively trapping and removing allergens and microorganisms in confined spaces. You can still open one or two windows, so long as they’re in another part of your home.

Place it in the right location. If you want to make the most of your air purifier, it needs to be put in a room that has adequate circulation for the best results. Professional residential AC technicians recommend placing it in a room that has enough space for the air purifier. Open spaces mean more unobstructed airflow, which maximizes your air purifier’s effectiveness!

Change the filters regularly. The filters in your air purifier are designed to trap pollutants in the air. This means they can get dirty often depending on the type of air pollutants you have at home. Make sure to clean and replace them regularly to keep your indoor air clean and safe to breathe.

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