How Do HVAC Systems Differ Across the U.S.?

Throughout the U.S., around 37 percent of home HVAC systems are equipped with a secondary source of heat, with about half of them using portable electric heaters. But if you live in the South, you probably don’t have a secondary heating source; you’ll more likely just rely on your HVAC system for most of the year.

How Do HVAC Systems Differ Across the U.S.?

Here our indoor air purification team at Above Air Inc. explains what you need to know to understand how HVAC systems differ throughout the country.

How the Weather Varies in Each Region

If you think about it, HVAC usage in states such as Alaska differs greatly from usage in Florida. The same goes for the technicians in those areas; they know that gas-related heating problems will be much more frequent in Alaska than in Florida, where swamp cooler issues are the norm.

It’s important for technicians to be aware of what type of HVAC work is demanded in their local region so that they’ll be aware of how they can efficiently serve their customers. For instance, around 30 percent of homes in the Northeast region still rely on oil heating, compared to the rest of the county, which is less than four percent.

Quality HVAC Work in Florida

Here in Florida, like the rest of the coastal south, the air-source heat pump is a popular type of AC installation among homeowners. This is a unit that efficiently combines air conditioning with light heating capabilities across a limited temperature range, which is both effective and affordable throughout many parts of the state.

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