Effective Energy Efficiency Strategies for Commercial Buildings

When it comes to AC installation and operation, the term energy-saving also means money-saving. For commercial property owners and facility managers, this can translate to huge benefits for both you and your tenants.  Saving money by improving energy efficiency can be achieved in many different ways, the greatest of which is the annual utility savings. It also means saving money by keeping your units in good working condition well beyond their estimated lifespan, delaying the need for costly replacements and expensive emergency repairs.

Here are a few effective strategies from our energy experts at Above Air Inc. on how you can improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and lower your energy costs.

Start with an energy audit. Just as you can’t make bricks without clay, you cannot employ effective AC repair and energy strategies without the right data. An energy audit is the best way to learn more about where you stand in terms of energy efficiency, and it can also give you useful insight into how your building uses energy. Ask your local HVAC company to perform an energy audit of your facility and use the data gathered to direct how you manage your usage and consumption.

Maintenance must be regular. It takes a lot to manage a commercial building, so preventive maintenance of your HVAC system can sometimes take a backseat to other more pressing matters. However, the key to effective maintenance lies in its regularity. Sign up for a maintenance program that will automatically schedule your system for regular inspections and tune-ups without requiring you to keep track of all the necessary  appointments.

Fix problems right away, A broken HVAC system isn’t efficient. Even with all the add-ons, features, indoor air purification products and other bells and whistles, any efforts to become more efficient go out the window as soon as your system shows the first signs of a problem. To avoid further losses of efficiency, never delay repairs of your heating and cooling units.

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