Common HVAC Emergencies & How to Deal With Them

Over time, your HVAC equipment is subject to wear and tear over time. Without proper care and maintenance, your system will fail sooner, which means it won’t reach the end of its expected lifespan. To prevent this, you’ll have to work with your HVAC provider to schedule regular inspections and preventive maintenance. After all, this is typically required by HVAC manufacturers to keep the warranties on your equipment active.

During a regular maintenance check, your trusted HVAC repair technician may encounter issues that need to be addressed. We’ve listed some of the most common ones below:

Improperly-balanced dampers. Most residential ductwork systems terminate at individual rooms and have dampers in the main supply line which act to control airflow through the ducts. When the dampers aren’t balanced, some rooms may be heated or cooled much faster than others. This shouldn’t happen, as dampers should serve to keep all rooms heated and cooled equally .Be sure to have this problem fixed by a professional as soon as you notice it in your home’s HVAC system.

Swollen capacitors. Your residential AC system has a capacitor that starts the motor and helps keep it running. This is done by sending jolts of the energy it stores to the fan. Having bad or swollen capacitors will prevent your system from operating on its own; without the energy jolts, the fan simply can’t get going.

A proper inspection is often the easiest way to check if your capacitor has problems. If it becomes swollen, it should be replaced immediately. This swelling is due to the gas that’s created when the conductive electrolyte within the capacitor decomposes. This usually happens with time or when it gets damaged. It’s best to have your trusted technician take care of this as soon as possible.

Leaking refrigerant. This is another common problem with air-conditioning units that causes either poor performance or no performance at all depending on the severity of the problem. The condenser units in your air conditioner require refrigerant in order to cool incoming air for your home, so unless it’s been addressed properly by a professional, there won’t be enough refrigerant in the system. The condenser will work harder than it’s meant to, and you’ll end up with an air conditioner that doesn’t function properly.

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