4 Reasons Not to Attempt DIY HVAC Installations or Repairs

Installing or repairing an HVAC system might be tempting for a DIY enthusiast, but before you grab your toolbox and break open the user’s manual, read about these four risks associated with DIY HVAC work.

You might put yourself in harm’s way. An HVAC system isn’t a toaster: it’s much more complicated and powerful. It also requires a much higher electrical voltage than almost any other appliance in your home. If you try to dismantle and repair it yourself, you might end up getting hurt. If anything goes wrong, you may also cause a short circuit that could damage or destroy other appliances and electrical  fixtures in your home. In addition, a short circuit can start a fire. Leave HVAC repairs and installations in the hands of a trained professional.

You might end up spending more money. Some homeowners think they can save money if they repair or install their own HVAC system. However, this often requires specialized tools, so you won’t be saving much if you have to buy them all yourself. If you damage the system, you’ll also have to buy new parts. Worse, you could end up calling a professional technician in the end anyway, so you’d be spending double while waiting even longer for your HVAC system to work correctly.

You might get into trouble with the law. Refrigerants and their handling are regulated by law under the Environmental Protection Agency because they can be dangerous to people’s health as well as the environment. If you install or repair your own HVAC unit, you might be breaking the law. Technicians are trained and licensed to repair and install residential AC systems and other HVAC equipment.. 

You’re likely to void the warranty. Warranties are your protection in case of HVAC failure caused by defects, but they come with conditions. Most HVAC manufacturers require a licensed professional to install and repair their products. If your HVAC unit is defective, you’ll get free repairs or perhaps even a replacement for a certain amount of time. Try to repair it yourself, and you’ll most likely lose that coverage. 

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