3 Signs You Need a Dehumidifier


The summer months are rich in moisture that can make the air feel humid, damp and sticky, which can be very uncomfortable. In addition to the discomfort it can cause, air that’s too moist can lead to health issues and tarnish certain components in your home like the walls and ceiling. Fortunately, you can get a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture density in your home.

In this post, your residential AC expert, Above Air Inc, shares three signs that indicate you need a dehumidifier.

There’s Condensation on Surfaces at Home

Condensation is a common sight that indicates your home is rich in moisture. This occurs when the season moves from the cold of winter into spring and summer when the temperature warms up. Cold surfaces like window panes and walls with poor insulation will allow water to condense on them due to the warm indoor air and leave marks on the surfaces around your house.

Lack of Indoor Ventilation

Your HVAC repair expert can tell you that the heat in your home is correlated to its indoor humidity. If your windows aren’t energy efficient and allow hot air to enter with ease, then your home will fill with moisture. This holds true for drafty doors and vents as well. If you have a well-insulated home, it will retain moisture for a longer period of time.

Damp Basements

If your home has very high humidity, the signs will be noticeable primarily in your basement, often in the form of mold. Even if you have a well-maintained HVAC unit, it might not be able to reach your basement, which means you could see condensation buildup in this area. We recommend installing a dehumidifier in your basement to help regulate moisture levels in this space.

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