3 Reasons Your Heat Pump Runs Constantly in Cold Weather

A standard heat pump works by moving heat out of your home in the summer and sending it into your home in the winter. But when there’s an extreme drop in temperature, your heat pump may struggle to reach the desired temperature in your home. When outdoor temperatures aren’t actually that cold but your unit keeps running, this may indicate an underlying problem. A trusted residential and commercial AC company in the area cites these possible reasons:

heat pump, shut off

Congested air filters. When dust and debris settle inside air filters, this can lead to blockages that will negatively affect the way your heat pump draws hot air into your home. It may also cause the system to run constantly on chilly days. You’ll want to make sure your air filters are replaced at least once a month for this reason.

Improper sizing. As with a residential AC unit, properly sizing your heat pump is crucial. An undersized system will struggle to heat your home during cold weather. You’ll know this because it will work harder to bridge the thermal gap in your home–or it will try, at least. This puts additional strain on the heat pump and results in higher energy expenses. To ensure that your choice of heat pump is just the right size, make sure to work with a reliable HVAC company like Above Air Inc. We’ll be more than happy to help you explore your options and decide on the heat pump that best fits your home. 

Refrigerant leaks. Sometimes, your heat pump may run constantly on a cold day because of something more serious–a refrigerant leak. In order to heat your home properly and efficiently, your heat pump must have the right level of refrigerant. Should it fall below this level due to a leak, the system won’t be able to move enough heat into your home. This will cause the heat pump to work overtime to reach the desired temperature. To determine whether your heat pump is leaking refrigerant, have the trusted HVAC technicians at Above Air Inc. conduct a thorough checkup of the system.

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