3 Crucial Details to Check in an HVAC Service Contract

The first important step in maintaining a comfortable, energy-efficient home is to ensure your heating and cooling system is in good condition. You can do this by signing a service contract from one of your local HVAC technicians. Before you proceed, however, you’ll want to check the fine print. A trusted HVAC repair company in the area, Above Air Inc, shares which details to look for here:

1. Pricing. A much-too costly HVAC service contract will raise eyebrows, sure, but you should also be wary when a contractor is presenting an offer that seems too low. You’ll know the cost of an HVAC service contract is reasonable by its pricing relative to the maintenance services offered. In fact, a good one will provide you with a complete list of tasks performed during every inspection.

The HVAC service contract offered by reliable residential and commercial AC expert, Above Air Inc, for example, includes the following:

  • AC filter service

  • Freon check

  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleanup

  • Draining and sanitization of the HVAC unit

  • Thermostat check

2. Parts & labor coverage. Which HVAC components are actually covered in the service contract? Basic HVAC service contracts typically include parts and labor coverage for preventive maintenance. What they don’t often cover is repair work–this is billed separately. If the contract does include HVAC repair service, then you should expect it to cost more.

3. Frequency of HVAC inspections. Inspection frequency may vary by HVAC company. Some do annual visits, while others do inspections twice a year. A more comprehensive service contract may offer tune-ups and preventive HVAC maintenance every few months. Your choice will depend on your specific needs.

When it comes to smooth, worry-free residential AC maintenance, look no further than Above Air Inc. We’ll make sure you get the most of your system’s life and performance with our extensive HVAC service contract. We serve the areas in and around Broward and Palm Beach, FL. Call us today at (954) 341-0816 (Broward) or (561) 488-0832 (Palm Beach). You can also fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.